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About graphics and sound

For most R&D players the graphic design is absolutely second-rate. They are conditioned to play the game with the (widely known) colorful and loud graphics you can find in many other Boulder Dash clones. Moreover they pay attention to other things than (for example) on corresponding colours or whether elements go together stylistically well. So why an alternative graphic (and sounds) at all ?

The answer is: 1.it's technically possible (because of R'n'D's great customizing features, 2. it is fun , 3. I think that an unique and brilliant software must have his own profile (especially as R'nD is a "creativity tool") There's no accounting for taste (and preconditioning) . So I would already be content if the users would see the practical use of this graphic skin, for example: the benefit for the eyes by fluent animations, soft transitions, high resolution etc.

But for all that the graphics and sounds are far from being the result of a free artistic inspiration. Please consider: Everything has been conceived to work as a general game - surface for R&D and it should be in accordance with the source. So do not expect any revolutionary and extravagant things (let alone: a showing-off) Nevertheless I promise imaginative game elements. Rocks'n'Diamonds has a gigantic playable levelet-archive of the early years (Boulder Dash, Emerald mine ,Supaplex etc) and also the "Contribution" sets since 1995. In "R'n'D jue all these levels will appear completely new.

About the levels

Rocks'n'Diamonds is not only a game with a huge classic level archive, first of all it's a great creation tool with which you can realize the most different ideas.

In this regard my levels and "game engines" represents a wide spectrum: You find Boulder Dash tradition as well as completely other nice puzzle- ideas, even a "shooter game. Compared with the source (Boulder Dash) however . the levels and games of "R'n'D jue" surely have another tendency. Generally it's more a challenge for the brain as for quick fingers. I hope you will both enjoy playing and be motivated to get creative with R&D too.

About single options in the setup menu

In the "Setup" Menu you can adapt the program to your own habits and wishes. For example switch on "timelimit" - if you need more challenge, switch off the titlescreens or the door animation, if you are irritated by it, moreover you can choose between window and fullscreen mode and modify many other things.