R'n'D as a game development tool

With R'n'D Jue you can not only play but also build your own levels and even your own games. The relevant features are actually available and work well, even if they are hardly documented.

Built-in editors have a long tradition and rarely require detailed instructions. The user simply inserts elements into an empty playing field and builds his own levels.This is how it works in the R'n'D Level Creator but beyond that, much more is possible.

Here the user can break away from fixed elements, fixed rules and regulations - which means he can create his own elements and thereby also generate independent game engines. This is done by defining so-called "custom elements" and at the same time defining conditions under which they interact with each other.

Of course, for a self-made game the author would like to have his own graphics, animations and sounds. Since many years, R'n'D has developed a complex configuration system for this very purpose. With the help of text-files, the user can instruct the program to visualize his game exactly according to his ideas and also add sounds and music.

Complex program features inevitably require detailed instructions. However, this can often be compensated if the user understands only a few basic principles. Sometimes it is enough to see the graphic effect of a text entry in the conf-files to deduce everything else for himself.

An application example is the program R'n'D Jue itself. Its game content was developed with the Level Creator and its appearance is characterized by its own graphics and configuration files.

If you are a computer scientist, graphic artist (or only have a good knowledge of computers), you can also take a look at R'n'D Jue's configuration files to find out how to integrate and define graphics and sound material into the game. If you have any questions, you will surely find help in the R'n'D forum.