(1) Boulder Dash/Emerald Mine - style Levels from 2002 to 2022

There are 175 levels here, divided into two Level Sets in a new graphical presentation. Most of them were already part of previous R'n'D Jue versions, but as everywhere in the new R'n'D Jue you will find numerous new levels, made for those who know the BD/EM genre well, but also appreciate tricky challenges.

(2) Sokoban Edition 2010 and the new game "Sokoplus"

According to the feedback received, the special composition of the 1000 Sokoban levels will remain part of the R'n'D Jue offer - although these levels are not created by the R'n'D jue author.

In the new game "Sokoplus", boxes also have to be pushed onto target fields, but that is where the similarity with the ingenious Sokoban original ends. Instead, Sokoplus has its own strategic charms that may appeal to both the Sokoban tinkerer and the skill player. 10 tutorial levels introduce the elements and the uncomplicated rules, followed by 50 more, somewhat more challenging game levels.

(3) The new "Pipeline"

While in R'n'D jue you were used to moving a game character with the cursor keys, here a game is presented that can be operated exclusively by mouse and also comes without a character.

"Pipeline" is designed exactly for this type of control. It contains a total of 140 levels, divided between the main game (100 levels with increasing difficulty) and a special "Pure" variant (25 levels), also a tutorial with 15 levels is available, which introduces the game step by step. In addition, there is a detailed Online Manual, which is illustrated with many pictures and videos.

(4) "Puzznic" as a mouse click game

Until now, "Puzznic" was played with a character and cursor keys (which is still the case in the 2019 version), but here, too, a conversion to mouse control was a natural choice. In the course of this change, another 30 levels have been added, and the graphics have also been enriched with new touches. A game manual for Puzznic is available in the program.

All programs run independent of each other, with or without installation on your operating system, even the older R'n'D Jue versions.