R'N'D JUE   2022   RELEASED !


A lot has happened since the last R'n'D Jue release, which especially affects the appearance of the 2022 update. Here the previous multiple R'n'D Jue II package of 2019 has been replaced by three separate, thematically subdivided and less extensive single versions, which contain only self-developed levels and games. In addition to the reorganization of content, the menu is significantly reduced, everything is concentrated on the essentials, namely the game content itself.

This has expanded over the past 2 years with many new levels in all game categories, furthermore, the background scenarios of all games are enriched by new graphics. Highlights of the 2022 update are certainly two newly developed games, called "Pipeline" and "Sokoplus", as well as the older game "Puzznic" was reworked and changed to mouse click control.

The powerful R'n'D Level Creator, which has been expanded and improved with new features in recent years, remains an integral part of the new individual programmes. You can still be creative in your favourite game or create, save and publish completely different games, including your own graphics and sound.

The 4 new single versions, whose contents are described in more detail on the next page, can be found in the download area, as usual for Windows, Linux and Mac. "Pipeline" and "Puzznic" are also available for Android. Screenshots and videos, showing the new programmes in action, can be accessed by clicking on the button on the right.

For all those who still want to play the classic BD/EM/EMC/Supaplex content with the JUE artwork (the old version contained plenty of it) or who appreciate the previous menu animations, gimmicks, help texts, intros etc., a revised "Final Version" (1.2.0) of the old R'n'D Jue II is also available in the download area.